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New Bird Nest Guide

Ok, so if your like me, newly released field guides are an exciting event. Released August 24th 2021, this new Bird Nest guide replaces the previous one that has a copy right date of 1975 and only covers 285 bird species. The new updated version covers more than 650, and contains almost 750 full colorContinue reading “New Bird Nest Guide”


Here’s one that has shown up on almost all of the Track and Sign Evals that I’ve taken, the Antlion. This small insect creates these pit traps to capture ants and other small insects. These are constructed in loose sand and dirt usually in protected areas, under bridges, rock overhangs, or other natural or manmadeContinue reading “Antlions”


Here’s one that has shown up on a Track and Sign Eval that I took. The Spittlebug in it’s nymph stage feeds on the juices of plants and also produces the “spittle”, or white bubbles you see in the above photo. The spittle is plant juices mixed with a wax from the bug that causeContinue reading “Spittlebug”

Doe and her fawn

So on my walk today I spotted this doe with her fawn and took some pictures of their tracks to share. You can easily see how much smaller the fawn track is compared to its mother. The penny is approximately ¾ of an inch wide, which is about the same size as the fawn track.Continue reading “Doe and her fawn”

Which Foot?

So from the striped skunk post, how do I know which foot is which? That’s a great question and here I’ll try to explain how to figure this out. The easiest, front from back track. First off, we know that skunks are diggers, from the digs in you front yard to rotten wood pealed backContinue reading “Which Foot?”

My Top 10 Tracking Books

Today I thought I would post my top 10 favorite tracking books incase anyone was interesting in what books to look into to learn about wildlife tracking. Here they are in no particular order. Animal Tracking Basics would be a good first book for anyone wanting to learn more about wildlife tracking. Its an introductoryContinue reading “My Top 10 Tracking Books”

Cattle Egret

Here is another species that i’ve been finding a lot around the area were I live. Cattle Egrets get their name because of their relationship with cattle. Often seen in pastures near or sometimes standing on cows backs, the two have a comfortable friendship. Egrets eat the ticks and insects on or near grazing cowsContinue reading “Cattle Egret”

Ferel Hogs

So I’m going to start off with ferel hogs since i’ve been tracking them around my home this past month. Care should be used when identifying hog tracks since they resemble deer, and javelina. The cleaves of hogs tend to be blunt as opposed to deer tracks that are pointy, with the exception of babyContinue reading “Ferel Hogs”


I’m planning on using this website as a tool to help me study for Cybertracker Track and Sign evals and to also provide a resource for others who are also interested in wildlife tracking. As a companion to this site I have created an Instagram page for all of the photos that I take whileContinue reading “Introduction”


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